Photo Credit: Jason Avina

Photo Credit: Jason Avina

 Location: Long Beach, CA

Genre: Folk/Folk Rock/Americana

Years Active: 2017 - Present 

Label: Tomorrow Records







Photo Credit: Jason Avina

Photo Credit: Jason Avina


"[...] a smart, gifted vocalist with the ability to engage listeners via pure heart and authenticity; so rare and wonderful today." 

Randi Lavik (Laguna Beach KX 93.5 FM)


"Shayna is a unique and adventurous songwriter-- An uncompromising artist."

Joshua Sklair (GRAMMY Winning Producer, Etta James) 


“Shayna is energetic and professional! Dolly Parton meets Stevie Nicks!"

Carly Jean May (Redding KFOI 90.9 FM)


"Beautiful voice and great performer. Above all, Shayna’s music is unbelievable."

Pride Hutchison (Explosive Records)


“There’s nothing more exciting than hearing a young artist who is both original and recalls the greats.”

Saul Davis (Manager/Producer: Carla Olson)

Photo by Jason Avina

Photo by Jason Avina

March 2020 Single Release

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Cover Art by Shayna Adler

Cover Art by Shayna Adler


Gypsies & Caravans (Acoustic Folk EP)

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