Class: Bard

Genre: Americana, Folk, Fantasy Folk-Rock

Years Active: 2016 - Present 

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

There are few things about Shayna Adler that walk outside the whimsical. Her aesthetics speak fiction-fantasy, and her music is a world in itself. Shayna's marvelously illustrated songwriting is a folk-rock wonder of adventures and storytelling. 

Heavily influenced by American Folk and Country music, Celtic music, and 1960’s-1970’s Folk Rock such as Jethro Tull or The Byrds, Shayna’s recordings are filled with layers and otherworldly dimensions; an acoustic orchestra traveling by caravan… Feminism and self-empowerment are a constant underlying theme in her songs. 

Shayna’s 2019 debut original, all-acoustic EP, Gypsies & Caravans, just begins to scratch the surface of a deeper world that’s yet to be revealed. Shayna recalls, “Josh Sklair and Eva Friedman played together live in one room while I sang in the booth, and what you hear is what you get.” The album art was hand-drawn by Shayna, whose imagination manifests in many mediums. 

Shayna’s 2020 release of “The Wick’s Escaped the Wax” is a lovingly familiar, fun, and refreshing indie take of traditional Bluegrass. “Wick’s” is the story of Shayna’s family: a divorce in a family of fiery redheads would spark a fire in their home, and in Shayna’s life. “My entire childhood was overshadowed by my parent’s divorce, and as a kid, you feel a hundred different things about it, but powerless more than anything— you could only watch the walls burn. Now, all these years later, everything has turned out just fine for myself and my brothers. It’s strange to feel how damaging it was, but to now be in this place of happiness and success. It’s just a scar.” In contrast to the backstory, Shayna elected to write and produce the song as happy, fun, upbeat, traditional Americana. It was her way to say, “life has yet to break me down.” 


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