On 4/16/18, my band and I recorded our rehearsal--during which, we tried playing Gentle On My Mind by Glen Campbell for the first time. I think its going to be amazing once we get the hang of it, but I thought I'd share this one-take wonder with you.

2016: I did a "No Doubt" inspired version of Linda Ronstadt and Michael Nesmith's classic hit "Different Drum" as part of the Vinyl Covers Project to benefit City of Hope Hospital, Los Angeles. This was my very first release, and I'm really proud of it. Produced by Pride Hutchison and Michael Dumas. 

I'm currently in the studio! Look for an upcoming MAY 2018  release of an AMAZING folky/bluegrass cover accompanied by a fun video! Please SUBSCRIBE to the email list to stay updating on releases, shows, and more! (No daily/weekly spam--only the important stuff! It's a promise!)

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