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american songwriter magazine

Shayna Adler Taps Into Tolkien for ‘Wander’

Album Debut: October 30th 2020

The Alternate Root Magazine

Top 10 songs of the week

November 4th 2020 - Stagecoach Sally shared in the Alternate Root's Top 10 Songs of the Week

Find your inner geek

FYIG chates with singer/songwrite Shayna Adler

November 5th 2020

that buzzing sound

Spotlight Saturday’s In Case You Missed It Music Roundup

October 24th 2020 - "Stagecoach Sally" included in Video Playlist #1


press release

October 26th 2020

York Calling

"Shayna's vocals are perfect for this style of music..."

October 24th 2020

vents magazine

Interview: Shayna adler

October 22nd 2020

last day deaf

young folks - top 10 Acoustic americana, alt country, indie, and folk songs

October 14th 2020 - Includes "Stagecoach Sally" in their lineup.

Tinnitist - Indie roundup

20 Ways To Make Your Holiday Monday Sound Better

October 12th 2020

"Stagecoach Sally" shared as #8 in top 20 Videos of the Week.